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Celebrity Beauty Tips: Twinkle Khanna's Beauty Orange Peel Secret

Twinkle Khanna, Bollywood's famous actress, and life partner Akshay Kumar remain in discussions every day.

 Although Twinkle is far away from the Bollywood industry, she is often seen active on social media. Significantly, Twinkle is one of those Bollywood celebrities who have said goodbye to the big screen. She is always in the limelight and is also a role model for many people.

Looking at Twinkle, no one can guess her age. The reason for this is his fitness and skin routine. Celebrities often have to stay fit and Twinkle is also one of those who take great care of her fitness and skin.

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When it comes to skincare, many celebrities get a glowing face due to expensive beauty treatments. With these treatments, their upper skin becomes good, but the skin starts getting worse from inside. Even today, the radiant block on Twinkle Khanna's face never diminishes.

Know the reason for this or say the secret of Twinkle's beauty today.

Somewhere on social media

Twinkle Khanna is very active on social media. She has millions of fans on social media and she also takes great care of her fans. Twinkle had told through one of her posts that she likes to eat peels of citrus fruits. She wrote in her post, “One secret – I also eat peels from citrus fruits. Orange peels have more fiber than fleshy fruit.

Orange peel is very beneficial

Orange peel is very beneficial. Many people know that after drying its peel and making its powder, it is applied to the face. But, apart from this, the orange powder is also used as a medicine, due to which your glow increases more rapidly.

By eating orange peel powder, your skin starts turning pink every day. Actually, this orange powder makes the intestines healthy.


Their peels are also beneficial

If orange does not suit you and you want to try something different, then apart from orange, you can also use the peel of fruits like lemon, seasonal, orange. Flavonoids are found in all these fruits. Due to this, your skin cells become more healthy and life-threatening diseases like cancer also stay away from you.

Digestion also improves

If you have digestive problems or your digestive system is not right, you can still use orange peel. If you eat half to one teaspoon of orange peel powder every day in the morning, then your problem can be overcome.

You have to eat half or one teaspoon of peel powder in the morning and after that drink fresh water. You have to do this on an empty stomach.

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Twinkle believes in home remedies

Significantly, most celebrities bring a glow to their skin with expensive treatments, but Twinkle Khanna is different from these. Twinkle has always believed in home remedies and keeps its distance from chemical products.

Also, Twinkle also advises people not to use too many chemicals on the skin, instead, you can adopt home remedies. Twinkle focuses a lot on her lifestyle and diet. She takes great care of her skin and body. You too can follow this secret of Twinkle and get clear skin.

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