Thursday, November 11, 2021

Twinkle Khanna Told About Lesson Given To Her Son In Childhood

Twinkle Khanna, the wife of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, is often discussed. Know about the life-lesson given to their son 

Twinkle Khanna sometimes wins the hearts of people with her unique style, and sometimes remains in the discussion about her pictures with her family and Akshay Kumar. Apart from this, Twinkle and Akshay are known for raising their children. As the players of Bollywood progressed in their careers, they became an inspiration to the people. Akshay Kumar is a source of inspiration to millions today and lives in the hearts of millions.

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Twinkle Khanna is a fitness role model for Khiladi Kumar and many others. Twinkle Khanna is also very active through web-based media. Twinkle often shares photos and videos with her friends. Let us tell you that the more popular the love story of Akshay and Twinkle is, the more people like the stories of them and their children.

Today, we will tell you the story of Twinkle Khanna and her son Aarav.

1. Twinkle opened the secret in an interview

Recently, Twinkle gave an exclusive interview to Infosys Foundation Chairperson Sudha Murthy. Meanwhile, Twinkle told some moments of her life. Twinkle said that there is something wrong with the children born in rich families. In the conversation, Twinkle asked Sudha Murthy how she keeps her children attached to the ground.

2. Sudha Murthy gave this answer

"When my son Rohan was 13 years old, I took him to meet some tribal people and I told him that many of them are yours," Sudha said in an exclusive interview. There are more than that. You grew up in a rich family in the world and you don't play with it.'


3. Aarav asked Twinkle the same question

After listening to Sudha's answer, Twinkle Khanna also shared an anecdote related to her son Aarav in this conversation. Twinkle said that Aravan once asked her, "I have everything but why?" It is worth noting that the children of the superstar do not lack anything since childhood. At the same time, the child of any common man has to struggle for small things. However, the stars do their best to support their children. Also, they always leave no stone unturned in the upbringing of their children.

4. Twinkle gave this answer to her son

During the interview, Twinkle completed the story and told how she responded to her son Aarav. Twinkle said, “When you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you have a big responsibility. Whether it is a silver spoon or a plastic one, it is your responsibility to use this silver spoon properly. Regardless. spoon or whatever.

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5. Changed the way I look at life

On the other hand, Twinkle says that since that day, I have changed my outlook on life. We all know that actress Twinkle and actor Akshay leave no stone unturned in raising their children. Also, they always try to support their children. We can say that both of them have brought up their children very cleverly.

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