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These stars did not get success in reality shows but today they are big stars

They did not win reality shows but today They have earned a different name in the industry. 
These stars did not get success in reality shows but today they are big stars
These stars did not get success in reality shows but today they are big stars

You must have heard the saying "Practice makes a man perfect" many times, but there are many such stars in Bollywood who have made this proverb true. Reality shows, a platform from where many people get their name but many people leave here disappointed. 

Many times it happens that reality shows cannot keep the real talent but the wheel of time spins and the real talent always wins. Today we are going to tell you a similar story through this post. Insta She did not win reality shows but today she has earned her a different name in the industry.

So let's know about such stars:

1. Arijit Singh

Today everyone is crazy about the voice of Bollywood's famous singer Arijit Singh. Today the voice of Arijit Singh is the heartbeat of millions of people. Let us tell you that Arijit Singh took part in a reality show named Fame Gurukul. 

0But Arijit could not even get his name at the top of this show. But time changed and Arijit's talent was appreciated due to which he has emerged as one of the best playback singers in front of us today. Arijit Singh has given many hit songs to the Bollywood industry.

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2. Puneet Pathak

Bollywood's famous dancer Puneet Pathak is a well-known star of Bollywood today. Let us tell you that Puneet Pathak took part in the reality show Dance India Dance. But he could not win the trophy of this show. However, he got a lot of recognition from this platform, due to which he is judging reality shows like Dance Plus today.

3. Neha Kakkar

Who does not know Bollywood's famous actress Neha Kakkar today? Neha Kakkar has a huge fan following from real life to social media. Today Neha Kakkar is a shining star of Bollywood but there was a time when this star used to sing bhajans of Mata. 

Let us tell you that when Neha Kakkar was young, she used to sing hymns in temples. But today he has established his own identity. It is worth mentioning that Neha Kakkar had auditioned in the reality show Indian Idol but she was thrown out. Surprisingly, today she is judging the same show on the platform that took her out.

4. Ayushman Khurana

You must have heard this name from the mouth of thousands of people and this name remains in the hearts of millions of people. Yes, we are talking about Bollywood's famous actor Ayushmann Khurrana. He has given many big hits to Bollywood today but before that Ayushmann participated in season 2 of MTV Roadies. 

Along with this, Ayushman also won the title of MTV Roadies Season 2. Very few people know that actor Ayushmann also participated in the pop star cast show on Channel V but he could not succeed in this show.

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5. Darshan Rawal

Today, whose voice is the beat of millions of hearts, there was a time when they were struggling for their voice. Yes, we are talking about the famous singer Darshan Rawal, whom the whole world knows today. 

Let us tell you that Darshan Rawal participated in the reality show India's Raw Star. Although Darshan was the finalist of the show but could not win the trophy. Due to this in today's date, he comes in the list of top singers and also has the crush of lakhs of girls. 

6. Dharmesh Yelande

Today the whole world knows Bollywood's famous choreographer and dancer Dharmesh Yelande, but there was a time when no one knew him. Let us tell you that Dharmesh participated in Season 2 of Dance India Dance. 

Although you could not name the trophy in this show, he won the love of millions of people. Due to which today she is a well-known personality of Bollywood and is also an inspiration to millions of people. Along with this, he has acted in the sequel of the ABCD film.

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