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The Names Of These Actors Are In The List Of Bollywood's Cool Dads

Also, when it comes to Bollywood actors, superstars also play the role of the super daddy of their children.

The Names Of These Actors Are In The List Of Bollywood's Cool Dads
The Names Of These Actors Are In The List Of Bollywood's Cool Dads

The role of parents is important in our life. Every parent across the world is ready to fight for their children. There is only one parent in the world who leaves you no matter how bad.

He always stood behind us leaving us. As far as Bollywood actors are concerned, Bollywood superstars are also in the role of the super daddy of their kids.

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But some say that mothers love their children more and girls love their fathers more. However, we all know that they both love their kids the most.

Today we are going to tell you about some Bollywood superstars who play the role of super dad in real life.

Shahrukh Khan

Bollywood's famous actor and superstar Shahrukh Khan is called the king of romance. Also, let us tell you that in real life, King Khan has played the role of Super Dad. He is more a friend of his son than a father.

She always spends time with her children and always gives them her first priority. On the other hand, the hairstyle of Shahrukh Khan and the hairstyle of his younger son Ayan Khan are very similar. Shah Rukh Khan is a great father as well as a super father to his kids.

Shahid Kapoor-

Bollywood superstar Shahid Kapoor has made his mark in the hearts of millions of girls. Let us tell you that Shahid Kapoor is also called the Chocolate Boy of Bollywood. Shahid Kapoor has two children and both are very close to their father. Shahid Kapoor likes to spend most of his time with his family.

Let us tell you that Shahid Kapoor's elder daughter's name is Misha Kapoor and his son's name is Zain Kapoor. Shahid often shares pictures with his kids on social media. In the photo and video, he is seen in the role of a calm father.

Anil Kapoor-

Anil Kapoor, the famous actor of the 90s, is always in discussion on social media about his fitness. The special thing is that Anil Kapoor is still fit and looking at his children, his children are now worthy of marriage.

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However, Anil Kapoor's daughter Sonam Kapoor is married. At the same time, Anil Kapoor and his children have more friends than their parents. Anil Kapoor has taken very good care of his kids. So even today everyone is standing together.

Saif Ali Khan -

Saif Ali Khan, the Nawab of the Pataudi family, was married twice. And they have 4 kids but Saif Ali Khan loves his four kids equally. Although Sarah and Abraham had a father-friend relationship, they became the father and child of Timur and Zeh. Although they have been married twice, they all live together as a family. Let us tell you that the bonding between Sara Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan is very strong.

Karan Johar-

Karan Johar is a name that no one knows in Bollywood. Let us tell you that Karan Johar has two children, both are twins. His daughter's name is Roohi Johar and his son's name is Yash Johar. Karan Johar is the eldest father of his children.

Whenever Karan Johar goes out with his kids, he takes out funny clothes from his clothes. He takes good care of his children and does not allow any of his desires to dominate him.

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